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  • Energetic Outdoor Exercise- Dogs love tug-of-war game.Our hanging dog toy is designed to increase your dog’s prey drive and entice them to hang, swing, and tug from the bungee tug toy .Our tug toy perfectly simulates flirt pole that human play with the dog and move it .It is good for medium and large dogs to burn off energy and workout,especially for bully.
  • Entertainment -When your doggie pull the tether tug toy, it can provide a stretching force for your puppies to jump and chase it in your backyard like a fetch game. During you work at the day,it is a effective way to reduce dogs’ boredom, separation anxiety, barking problems.Dog pull toy can launch off to provide hours of tugging fun ,which will make your doggy entertain self and keep them busy.
  • Easy to Install & adjustable height -You simply toss the strong bungee cord over the strong branch or other suitable mount in minutes, loop it and pull it snug. Also, the length can be adjusted to 17 feet.So you can hang at the desired height for your canine friend.The outer covering is tough and retractable,protecting elastic webbing from over-stretching.
  • Durable & Safe Design-The material of bungee strap is sturdy, made from high-quality nylon.Using a bungee cord instead of the traditional springs makes this product safer than homemade spring poles.Dog yard toy doesn’t require hands-on help from you,taking some of the strain away from your arm and reducing the risk of jarring your shoulder or your doggy neck during a game.
  • Safety First-We all love pet. Make sure you have an attachment point that your dog can pull it. Be careful to hang the bungee rope in a safe place .And the dog rope chew toy is not mostly for aggressive chewers,mostly for tugging. It is always recommended to supervise your fur gbabys to play with toys in case they bite the webbing.
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