Pet Treat Dispensing Slow Feeder Toy

  • Adjustable Design & Easy to Use: The toys adopt a detachable screw design. When you want to adjust the height or need to clean bottles, it’s easily unscrewed the screw and take the bottle out. To use it, you simply have to place the treats inside three beakers then cover them with a lid.

Outdoor Hanging Bungee Dog Tug Toy

  • Energetic Outdoor Exercise- Dogs love tug-of-war game.Our hanging dog toy is designed to increase your dog’s prey drive and entice them to hang, swing, and tug from the bungee tug toy .Our tug toy perfectly simulates flirt pole that human play with the dog and move it .It is good for medium and large dogs to burn off energy and workout,especially for bully.

Dog Tie Out Cable for Yard

  • KEEP DOG SAFE & FREEDOM: Compared to a stake and tie out, the adjustable 50ft dog run cable with rope toy provide great mobility for your dogs, while ensuring them SAFE! The reflective (glow-in-the-dark) aerial track system allowed you to see your puppy at all times. No more burden for you to take your dog out for camping, park, yard, garden and other outdoor activities.