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❤ MORE NON SLIP GRIPPING AREA – The paw grips 2.0 improved the amount of rubber traction spots to increase the coefficient of friction with the slippery floor,and protect from dog fall down, legs spread apart and slide all over on the hard floors indoor.
❤ OLD DOG LIFE SAVER-The paw protectors help your aging doggy who has weak leg and hips(Arthritis,spine disease,etc)stand up on tile,walk steadily on smooth surfaces without slipping.Even improve their confidence when going up and down steps.
❤ BREATHABLE & SAFE- Your dogs may hate socks,booties and shoes,but your old friend won’t even seem to notice the paw covers because its fabric is ultra thin & super flexible.It use special hypoallergenic certified adhesive,which will not block pores of paw and safe for pets.
❤ EASY TO APPLY- The pads are disposable and self adhesive.Trim your dog’s nails & hair between pads;Keep your dog’s feet clean and dry;Peel back sheet and stick to pup’s paw.You can use the whole piece or cut apart on individual pads for more comfort and adhesion.
❤ XXXLARGE SIZE: 3 1/2″x3″(L*W);Suitable weight:80+ lbs,40pieces a pack,10sets for 4 Paws.Letting our dog have a better quality for the remainder of her life!Try the nonslip gripper pads now and change your dogs life.

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6Sets 24PCS, 10Sets 40PCS




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